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  • Are Clamshells Eco Friendly?
    Our Clamshells are made from 80% rPET Plastic ( Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) PET Plastic is the most widely recycled plastic, therefore you can let your customers know that ones finished they can pop the Clamshell/s into their recyclable waste bin.
  • Can I Purchase Larger Quantities of Clamshells?
    Of course! I sell in mutiples of 50 or 100 as its easy for me to stock manage that way, however you can buy more if you wish. Either through the website or contact me via email at to arrage this for you.
  • Wax has leaked out of the Clamshells why is this?
    This is often due to the wax being poured to hot and caused the plastic to melt, the best temperature to pour is between 60c - 65c, never hotter than 70c.
  • I'm struggling to close the Clamshells?
    Once the wax has fully set, carefully fold the Clamshell over and close by pinching the bottom together first then work your way up until you reach the top.
  • My wax has snapped when closing the Clamshell, why?"
    This is often due to the way you close the Clamshell (refer to the question above on the correct way of closing) make sure the wax is FULLY set before closing, if making later in the day it's best to leave over night. Also unfortunately I've found Coconut & Rapeseed wax is more prone to this happening than other wax (this is personal experience of working with many different waxes including Soy & Parrafin), not sure why it just but be the make up of that particular wax.
  • I've made up and labelled my Clamshells but found they have since split and look melted, why?"
    It's unlikely this has been caused by hot wax, remember that you are working with chemicals (fragrance oils) so these can be corrosive make sure your work surface is clean when making and that any spit oil is cleaned immediately, also the key is to stir stir stir the oil into the wax first before pouring.